Cafe Grumpy Opening Grand Central Station

Cafe Grumpy is replacing Starbucks at Grand Central Station

So we where just strolling through Grand Central Station and we noticed that Cafe Grumpy is replacing Starbucks in the Lexington Passage. Cafe Grumpy is a cafe as well as a Roastery, located in Green Point and a Bakery. See more info about Cafe Grumpy

If you are not familiar with Cafe Grumpy, they have five location prior to the one in Grand Central Station with starting with their cafe & Roastery in Greenpoint. Then they have cafes in Park Slope, Chelsea, Lower East Side, and the Fashion District. You may however recognize their logo, which we think is GREAT. (Logo Below.)

  Grumpy Cafe Grand Central Station

Cafe Grumpy Grand Central Station

The photo in the window just says May 2014, so we are not sure to the exact date.

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